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The C-List is the first ever beauty platform for cancer patients

A first of its kind, C-List is host to advice, product recommendations, beauty tutorials, and a supportive online community for people diagnosed with cancer.

Highlighting a lesser-known challenge faced by cancer patients, The C-List is an innovative new website giving those living with the disease the chance to shop ‘cancer-kinder’ beauty products.

While it may not seem like the most essential consideration following a diagnosis, founders Lisa Potter-Dixon and Helen Addis have drawn upon their own experiences of finding solace in self-care regimes.

‘The comforting texture of lotions and creams alongside the feel-good factor of a beauty routine can offset the side effects of chemo which leaves skin dry and sensitised,’ explains campaigner, Helen.


She adds that finding suitable products was a very difficult and lonely process post-diagnosis, made worse by the absence of cancer representation in the industry.

With drugs and radiation therapies having catastrophic effects on the appearance of skin, hair, and nails, Helen had to forgo her favourite products for a new, gentler approach, one that isn’t catered to by the majority of the cosmetics and skincare brands currently out there.

‘One in two people, or half of the population, will experience a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, but right now, the £28 billion pound beauty industry isn’t accommodating this,’ says makeup-artist, Lisa.

‘Brands have a lot of hoops to jump through when it comes to sustainability, science, and being vegan or cruelty free. Cancer isn’t at the forefront of their minds, which is what we’re hoping to change.’

In response, the two set out to create the first-ever beauty destination specifically for people undergoing treatment and thus, The C-List was born.

Coined by the pair as ‘Goop but for those affected by cancer,’ their passion project offers a wealth of trusted products designed to be less abrasive.

From makeup, skincare, hair, and nails to toiletries, fragrance, bath and body, everything available to shoppers adheres to a carefully curated list of ingredients recommended by dermatologists and oncologists. Professionals who are advocating for better patient information when it comes to maintaining skincare health during a period of intense illness.

There’s also a ‘tips and tricks’ section ‘to help cancer feel a lot less s**t than it actually is,’ urging anyone browsing that ‘feeling more like yourself’ is what’s important.

The information hub is host to a range of easy-to-follow guides on eyebrow mapping, growing lashes and how to tie a headscarf (to name a few).

But it doesn’t stop there. On a mission to build a community, Helen and Lisa have included a featured space on the wellness platform that acts as an online support system for cancer patients where they can share their stories and give advice to others suffering, such as on ‘how to tell your children.’

At present, Helen and Lisa’s long-term goal is to establish an international certified logo which easily identifies safe beauty products for anyone going through cancer treatment.

Until then, the non-profit website will see 100% of net profits from the affiliate linked products go back to the community, gifting one C-List member each month with a beauty hamper or a spa treatment.