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Stella McCartney launches the world’s first biodegradable stretch denim line

As part of her dedication to sustainable fashion, Stella McCartney is launching the world’s first biodegradable stretch denim line using plant-based yarns.

Stella McCartney is leading the way as more and more brands begin to hop on the sustainable fashion bandwagon. A passionate nature lover and big believer in change, the designer is dedicated to making a difference within an industry renowned for its contribution to our current climate crisis.

Setting the bar high with her pioneering work on sustainable fashion, McCartney has long rejected the use of furs and leather in her clothing lines, advocated for less waste, and incorporated plant-based materials into many of her designs.

Now, she’s taking her commitment to eco-fashion a step further by launching an entire collection of biodegradable stretch denim that’ll be the first of its kind for the fashion house – and the rest of the world.

Consisting of 10 stretch denim pieces in two different styles, the line is set to debut with the rest of McCartney’s AW20 collection in May. Collaborating with Italian brand Candiani Denim her aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of a denim line that – like many others – is still using a large amount of harmful dyes and water (reportedly around 1,800 gallons) for a single pair of jeans.

The new fabric is created using organic, plant-based yarns wrapped around a natural rubber which is completely free from plastic and dyed with a mushroom and seaweed-derived ingredient that’s 100% biodegradable. These custom-engineered components help to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals, water, and energy used during the manufacturing process without compromising elasticity.

‘In a world where resources are diminishing and landfills are overflowing with discarded garments, it’s our duty to look for renewable resources, in addition to biodegradable and compostable materials,’ says Alberto Candiani. ‘Denim has to take the lead as the indigo flag of this revolution, and we are thrilled to be working alongside Stella McCartney to share our innovation and beliefs with the wider fashion industry.’

McCartney is successfully using her fashion platform to do more than just create pretty pieces that’ll inevitably fly off the shelves. Her designs, which are as much covetable as they are fashion-forward in concept, are intended to raise awareness that what we buy shouldn’t harm the planet, and I think it’s high time the rest of the industry took note.