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Ganni and Levi’s launch rental-only capsule collection

The joint venture is another win for sustainability, part of a rental fashion revolution that’s striving to tackle the industry’s waste problem.

Earlier this year, the CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week announced an action plan to hold all participating designers accountable to a number of environmental requirements. Hoping to transform the event into a ‘platform for advocacy,’ Cecilie Thorsmark outlined what she refers to as a radical new way of thinking about fashion week without actually needing to ditch the existing format.

Following this, Millennial-favourite brand Ganni has teamed up with American outfitter Levi’s for its SS21 collection on an exclusive capsule that focuses entirely on low-impact, circular design. Dubbed ‘Love Letter,’ it consists of upcycled Levi’s material and repurposed denim, all available to rent.

Yes, that’s right, presenting an ode to the longevity and timelessness of denim, Ganni and Levi’s will only let consumers borrow the pieces, promoting­ the idea that clothing doesn’t have to be owned for it to be loved. ‘Our mutual love for denim and desire to creatively reconstruct vintage 501’s was an incredible jumping off point,’ says CPO at Levi’s, Karyn Hillman. ‘As a result, we’ve managed to create something completely new, as well as something timeless to be shared.’

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A first of its kind, the modest (yet durable) offering consists of just three staple designs: a pair of classic 501 jeans, a dress, and a button-down shirt. In addition, everything is designed to be versatile enough for individual styling choices: think optional, voluminous patchwork sleeves, adjustable waistlines that let you choose between a low or high waisted fit, and detachable peter pan collars.

‘The beauty of good denim is it just gets better over time,’ says Ditte Reffstrup, Ganni’s creative director. ‘The partnership is all about sharing that love for great denim and passing it on. We handpicked each pair of vintage 501’s with Levi’s for the project to upcycle and give them new life. It’s been such a special and personal process.’ In combining its signature, quirky silhouettes with the perennial material, the Danish label has produced a range of truly stylish and – more importantly – sustainable items, which can be found exclusively on its new rental platform, Ganni Repeat.

One of the brand’s most ambitious projects to date, Ganni Repeat is a program that allows shoppers to rent out various styles for a maximum of three weeks. And, in the short time it’s been live, it’s seen a great deal of interest throughout Denmark, proving Ganni’s proficiency when it comes to implementing eco-friendly practices. ‘Responsible consumption is more important than ever,’ says Reffstrup. ‘The shared economy gives consumers the opportunity to participate in fashion without requiring the same long-term commitment.’

And she’s right. Given the sharing economy’s uptick in the last few years and the recent success of platforms such as Hurr, Rent the Runway, and Nuuly, it goes without saying that rental services are a viable long-term solution to fashion-industry waste. It’s also integral to the current push for more transparency in fashion, as shoppers become increasingly more concerned about how their clothes are made, who’s making them, and where the materials originally come from. This is another driving force of the Ganni X Levi’s collaboration, storytelling one of its main draws alongside sustainability.

Would You Rent a Pair of Jeans Ganni and Levis Make the Case With Their New Denim Collaboration

‘We believe that creating and curating narratives around the journey of these clothes will entice people into renting rather than buying,’ adds Reffstrup. ‘Consequently, we’ve elevated the rental model, using Near Field Communications technology to add an interactive component to the line.’

Essentially, each garment has a distinctive tag that permits customers to use NFC on their phones to tap into a world of content including comments from past renters and information regarding its journey. This marks a progressive new approach to how we engage with fashion.

According to both Ganni and Levi’s, all rented items will be delivered using RePack reusable packaging and treated with strict, environmentally efficient cleaning protocols in a 72-hour period once they’ve been returned. Through Ganni Repeat, customers can opt to rent pieces for one, two, or three weeks. While it hasn’t launched quite yet, the brands are advising we keep our eyes peeled for the collection’s imminent arrival. In the meantime, why not check out our ultimate guide to resale shopping here.