CFDA announces separate Black advisory board

In order to combat fashion’s problem with racism, the organisation is dedicated to amplifying Black voices and creating real, systemic change.

Since fashion’s reckoning with racism not too long ago, the industry has been hard pressed to remedy long standing issues of discrimination within its ranks. Committed to promoting inclusion and keeping their promise to amplify marginalised voices, the 477-member CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) has officially announced a new Black advisory board.

‘In June, we outlined specific initiatives with the goal of bringing an end to racial injustice in the fashion industry,’ says Tom Ford, designer and Chairman of the CFDA Board of Directors. ‘We are firmly committed to creating systematic change in our industry that will empower the critical voices that need to be heard.’

Rather than maintain the predominantly white status quo, the group will strive to develop programming that helps improve equality both within the CFDA and across the fashion industry itself. It will additionally work towards providing Black talent and creatives with more opportunities across a range of sectors including design, editorial, and modelling. Ultimately, the goal is to create more roles for Black individuals at all levels of the fashion business.

‘We are bringing together an impressive group of esteemed industry colleagues to collectively help us build a framework for increased diversity, equity, and inclusion in fashion,’ says President, Cassandra Diggs. ‘These fundamental changes to the organization allow us to bring important perspectives to the fashion industry. They will play an instrumental role in our efforts to transform the fashion system and make it more diverse, inclusive, and equitable.’

Clearly, these changes have been made in light of BLM’s gradual restructuring of an entire nation and the hope is that it will continue to make waves throughout the rest of the US fashion industry. And, although the CFDA has yet to reveal any more specific details about what else they have planned, this is certainly a step in the right direction. Especially given that New York Fashion Week is right around the corner.

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