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Calvin Klein brings back its genderless fragrance from the 90s

Calvin Klein has acknowledged that fragrance is the next step in the gender-neutral frontier, bringing back unisex CK ONE from the ‘90s.

The world’s first genderless fragrance is making a comeback, as more people decide they want to be recognised for their individual wants and tastes, rather than for their prescribed identities.

Originally debuting in 1994 as ‘CK One,’ the fragrance was the only one of its time to be openly marketed as unisex: an era-defining beauty product that drew mass appeal not just for its scent but also due to its all-gender allure.

‘I am one, I am many. I love everyone of me,’ states the global campaign. Celebrating those ‘unconstrained by boundaries, gender norms, and definitions,’ CK Everyone is all about paying tribute to individuality and the freedom of expression.

Targeted towards young, gender fluid consumers as well as those identifying as male or female, it was – and still is – for everyone. As cultural ideas surrounding gender have since progressed, Calvin Klein is taking things a step further this time, re-releasing the fragrance alongside an entirely gender-neutral collection.

The brand’s first cross-category launch offers a range of staple wardrobe basics such as t-shirts, hoodies, and underwear – available for everyone in straight and plus sizes. There’s an assortment of timeless denim pieces; including trucker jackets and ‘mom’ jeans with raw hem cuts and a sustainable capsule made from recycled plastic water bottles that’s set to drop later this season.

‘A citrus fragrance that uplifts with zesty organic orange oil, combining blue tea and cedar wood to produce clean freshness, sweet sensuality and provocative edge,’ CK Everyone carries this same environmentally friendly focus, formulated with 100% vegan ingredients and naturally derived alcohol, sealed in a folding carton that’s 30% post-consumer recycled materials.

Eco-conscious and inclusive? It’s no wonder Calvin Klein continues to be one of the most iconic names in the world of fashion and beauty. See the whole line here.


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