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Beauty brands support LGTBQ+ communities for Pride Month

Pride is different this year, with celebrations cancelled or postponed.  Even so, there are plenty of ways to show support by donating to charities or shopping with brands who give back.

Time is up for performance activism.

As young consumers, we are far more aware of the philosophical values of the companies we choose to purchase from than previous generations. Brands must now align their values with ours, be vocal about their cause, and turn those values into hard action – or face the music.

Tokenistic marketing such as ‘greenwashing’ and ‘pink-washing’ has been a common practice for quite some time, particularly as social change becomes increasingly favourable with the public.

Gen Z are acutely aware of which brands are genuine, however, and can identify whose ethics have been shaped by a desire for truth, transparency, and maximising opportunities for individual self-expression.

In 2021, rainbow branded products and social media posts won’t fill the bill if brands aren’t doing anything to give back to LGBTQ+ communities they claim to support.

Luckily, there are plenty of beauty companies who are putting their money where their mouth is this Pride Month. We’re breaking down the list of brands who have pledged to donate product sales to the community.


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Well known LA-based make up brand Morphe has developed a limited edition ‘Live With Love’ eyeshadow palette which includes a range of 25 vibrant hues.

All the proceeds from the palette will go to The Trevor Project, which is the world’s largest 24/7 suicide and crisis prevention organisation for LGBTQ+ youth.

The Trevor Project currently runs several operations, such as an education program for youth-serving adults and organisations, advocacy departments for pro-LGBTQ+ legislation and against anti-LGBTQ+ policy, plus a dedicated research team which seeks for the best ways to help the community in crisis.

Multi-brand supplier Beauty Bay also launched their very own Pride collection, from which all proceeds will go to Switchboard, an LGBTQ+ charity who operates confidential support helplines for the community. All volunteers self-define as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Beauty Bay’s Pride range is made up of brightly coloured liquid eyeshadows, an iridescent ‘Parade’ highlighter, as well as a set of makeup brushes.

Producing some of the most luxurious smelling candles is Boy Smells, who have launched a brand-new collection called ‘Pride Radiance’, to celebrate the individuality of LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

Twenty percent of all proceeds will go to also go towards The Trevor Project. Boy Smells has committed to donating a minimum of $100k to the cause.

For haircare, look to celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin’s much-loved brand Ouai (pronounced ‘way’). Ouai announced their ‘Love You Just the Ouai You Are’ campaign, pledging $20,000 to the Los Angeles LGBTQ+ Centre.

A front runner in supporting marginalised communities for over 25 years, MAC already donated over $500 million across thousands of organisations. All proceeds from their ‘Viva Glam’ lipstick range go to non-profit organisations that support the health and rights of people of all ages, races, and genders.

This includes donating to groups which fight for LGBTQ+ rights and provide support for those living with HIV/AIDS around the world. Next time you’re shopping at MAC, look out for Viva Glam’s metallic pink embellishment on the casing – you might even have one of these already!

Last, but not least, is the nail polish that satisfies your need for the perfect summery shade. Look no further than NailsINC. The brand has launched 4 new colours – coral, lilac, aqua and baby pink – naming the set ‘Relationship Status: Proud’.

Stonewall, a UK based charity that offers advice, holds workshops, and organises nation-wide events, for the LGBTQ+ community will receive 25% of all profits from the NailsINC collection.

This widespread effort from beauty brands to show up for the community is fantastic. It’s only right, considering that a large portion of their customers and employees are members of LGBTQ+ groups themselves.

Let this year’s Pride Month be an example for large brands emerging in the future – their success will most likely depend on it!