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What you need to know about Earth Action Hub’s climate event

Earth Action Hub is striving to build a global online community of changemakers focused of forming climate change solutions, and it wants you at its inaugural event.

Calling self-proclaimed changemakers of all ages and backgrounds, Earth Action Hub is launching its inaugural event EAH2021 later this week.

We’re all determined to play our part in what’s being described as a ‘decade of action’ for climate change solutions, but finding the inspiration or direction of exactly where to start can be tricky. That’s where Earth Action Hub comes in.

Sound like your thing? Here’s the rundown of everything you need to know about Earth Action Hub, as well as key information on what the organisation has planned.

What is Earth Action Hub?

Co-founded by seven young entrepreneurs in various parts of the world, Earth Action Hub is an online community which aims to make climate action feel accessible, realistic, and appealing for everyone regardless of age, nationality, or experience.

Coming together during the midst of a pandemic (virtually, of course) the founders decided to create a permanent platform where people could unite to collaborate and motivate each other to drive sustainable change in their local area.

Earth Action Hub founders

While many institutions are quick to emphasise the scope of the problem we face with climate change – and the sizable footprint humanity has left on the planet – this organisation opts to highlight the positive progress we’ve made.

Intended to develop the confidence and leadership skills of participants – particularly youth – Earth Action Hub is all about educating people on the nuances of sustainable development, as well as amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities in civil society.

If the prospect of joining forces with likeminded changemakers or activists excites you, you may want to check out the official website, which is launching in tandem with a brand new climate event every year.

It’s free to register too – so you don’t have to worry about nagging subscriptions.

The upcoming EAH2021 event

Over the past four months, Earth Action Hub has been securing partnerships with some of the world’s biggest environmental advocates – including UNICEF, the Foundation of Environmental Education, Force Weavers, Race to Zero, and a bunch more – to maximise the impact of its flagship annual event.

Aptly dubbed EAH2021, the inaugural experience will take place virtually on the official website from Friday 21st May through to Sunday 23rd and will be hosted by Foundation for Environmental Education and Force Weavers.

Anyone is free to sign up (provided you’re over 16) and attend all aspects of the experience, partaking in ‘workshops’ hosted by partner companies, ‘conversations’ which allow two or more people to work together on potential climate solutions live, and keynote ‘talks’ given by expert speakers with no viewer limit.

The talks in particular are a really big deal, and include keynote conferences hosted by Ashish Kothari, Paola Antonelli, Princess Esmeralda of Belgium, Liz Hosken, Ailton Krenak, Grandmother Katherine Whitecloud, Gonzalo Muñoz, as well as a bunch of burgeoning young eco-activists.

Aiming to gather a broad range of attendees from all six continents, paying particular attention to those disproportionately affected by climate change, anyone participating will be able to create ‘individual action plans’ specific to their own regions.

How can I get involved?

The full list of EAH2021 events (complete with the schedule) is visible here, and you can sign yourself up here should any of this pique your interest.

Beyond putting yourself down for the smorgasbord of eco activities we’ve just touched on, the website will be refreshed live each day to display infographics with accessible progress updates, key summary points from conferences, and follow up reports and surveys to get involved in.

It goes without saying that we probably can’t solve the climate change in 72 hours, and as such this event is aiming to drive sustained climate action over time using the website as a base.

EAH2021 schedule

Sign yourself up here to create a profile, and over the year you will be privy to smaller fringe events intended to keep momentum and motivation high, and networking opportunities in the form of social change forums and videocalls.

If you fancy yourself a bit of an artist and want to get your positive message out into the world, a climate art space is planning to hold audience submissions on the website.

Lastly, if you would like to show your support for Earth Action Hub in the form of a financial donation, any amount can be made securely here.

Thred will certainly be keeping tabs on the events at EAH2021 and well beyond. We hope to see you on Friday!


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