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Question – Should I broaden my career focus?

Our career coach gives advice to those who are questioning their career aspirations as they enter the workforce.

Question: I am currently completing a master’s degree (in enterprise and entrepreneurship) at the university of Leeds, and I’m looking to get a job in September 2022.

Since I was about 14 I have always aspired to work in the finance industry and have work experience in the sector as well as taking 2 CISI exams. However, I am worried that I perhaps have had too narrow a focus. I’m conscious that there may be other jobs more suited to my skill-set and goals. Hannah, Leeds

Thanks for the question Hannah. You are about to make the transition from education to the workplace, and you’re right to use this as an opportunity to reflect on your career aspirations.

What thoughts have prompted this question? What do you feel a career in financial services will be missing?

The finance sector is enormous.

There are 1.1million jobs in the sector in the UK alone: so you CAN find something in the industry that matches your skill-set and goals, AND builds on the knowledge and experience you have acquired so far.

If you want to be entrepreneurial and be part of a start/scale up environment, consider fintech.

If you want something that’s aligned with positive social or environmental change, consider ESG investing, social finance, or (and this is a growing area) impact measurement.

If you want money, status, pressure, it’s investment banking. If you want work-life balance, community, service, there are plenty of small-scale local financial advisory firms.

The possibilities are endless. You don’t need to throw away all your good work on your career development to date. Take the time to make sure you explore all of the avenues open to you in finance before switching to a new industry.