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Question – Is there a right time to move on from a comfy job?

Wondering when you should make the leap to a new, less secure place of work? Our career coach gives a quick rundown on the risks and factors that could go into making your decision.

Question: When should you take the big jump from your comfortable job? – Nicole, Darwin

Well, if you are determined to make a big jump at some point, there’s no time like the present.

If you are waiting for the time to be right, trust older folks who will tell you that the timing will never be perfect. In fact the longer you wait, the stronger the ties that bind you will get.

Those ties might be family responsibilities, spending habits, or relationships, among other things.

You might be waiting to get something developmental out of your current career, or something to improve your credibility on paper: perhaps some more experience, completing some key projects or qualifications, or getting a household name on your CV.

There’s something in this, but this thinking can also hold you back: when will you judge that you have enough experience and credibility to move? More is always beneficial in this category, so it’s easy to use it as a fig leaf for procrastination.

And remember, you will also develop experience and credibility in your new venture, whatever it is.

So I am in favour of taking action – but it must be informed action. Don’t just jump blindly into a new path.

Think carefully about what you need from this move, what career pivot will fulfil those needs, and how to successfully make that pivot. Weigh up the pros and cons, validate any assumptions you have and make considered choices. Look before you leap.