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5 questions to ask yourself about career transitions

Wondering whether to make a job switch? Make sure you know what you’re getting into and ask yourself these vital questions before you do so.

I work with lots of people of all ages who want to make a career transition. I think transitions are REALLY positive – I hate the thought of people being stuck in jobs they hate.

However, people often base their desire to make a transition on assumptions, or they are overly optimistic about what will be involved.

Here are five questions to ask yourself that will help address those errors.

The five questions to ask yourself

How much do I REALLY know about the career I plan to transition to, and how many assumptions am I making?

Where I am making assumptions, how confident about them am I?

Which assumptions are the most crucial for a successful transition?

How can I increase my confidence in the assumptions I am making, especially the most crucial ones? Hint: the answer is talking to people in your target sector.

Where are my blind spots – are there areas where am I making assumptions and I don’t even realise? This one’s almost impossible for you to answer unless you talk to people in your target sector and learn from their insights.

I’d love to hear what assumptions readers can identify they’re making themselves, or what assumptions they see others make. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve any personal stories to add!



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