Why Ditto makes distributing your music easier than ever

Music distributors such as Ditto are making it simpler than ever to get your music out to the masses, and it might be the best place to start if you’re a Gen Z artist.

If, like me, you often find yourself going down odd Spotify rabbit holes, you’ve probably stumbled upon many great artists that only have a small number of listeners. Often these EPs or singles are hidden gems that need more recognition – but how does an artist go about distributing this music in the first place without a label? To that end, how do they grow an audience without traditional promoters and radio play?

Step forward digital music distributor companies such as Ditto, the sole purpose of which is to give musicians a way to get their music to the masses without compromising on legality or copyright. These types of business models have popped up all across the web in the last decade as streaming has taken over physical sales. Here’s an interview with the CEO of Ditto to give you some insight:

All of this is particularly relevant for Gen Z artists, most of whom never even consider releasing their work through physical means. Where is anyone going to buy a CD of a single? Is this 2003? The most important aspect of music distribution today is online streaming services, and making sure you get your stuff on every platform possible. Yes, even TIDAL, for all twelve people who use it.

What is Ditto?

At its core, Ditto is a music distributor that does all the technical hassle and legal paperwork that comes with selling the rights to your work. The process can be confusing and difficult to understand, especially if you’re an inexperienced artist just trying to get yourself some exposure online, and these types of agencies make sense in an all-digital world. They can be a useful asset that saves you the headache of trying to understand every technical detail of being a public artist.

Ditto also has other services that can help you with your growth, offering social media strategies and marketing tools to broaden the range of people you reach. This is hardly surprising as many artists are now having to balance the passion for their craft with understanding Spotify algorithms and TikTok trends. It may seem a little dystopian to consider social media playing such an intrinsic role in the creative process, but it’s an important point to make. Music popularity is now largely dictated by Spotify recommendations and social media trends, so any rising Gen Z songwriter has to at least be aware of the landscape they’re setting foot in.

Here’s a quick roundup video from Ditto themselves explaining how it works.

How does it help artists?

Digital music distributors help artists keep most of their focus on what actually matters, which is making the art itself. As more people are gaining recognition and finding a voice for themselves without the need for a big name label, these types of services will continue to grow in popularity. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and companies like Ditto help to speed up the nitty gritty behind it all.

The easier it is for anyone to get their stuff out, the better it is for music as a whole. Luckily the days of single genres and gatekeeping are largely behind us, and thanks to online sharing the barriers between styles and demographics have largely been torn down. Services like Ditto are helping contribute to this new age of internet music we’ve found ourselves in and who knows – you could be the next big thing without even fully understanding how copyright works.

Though it never hurts to be at least a little bit clued up.

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