TikTok and Twitter prank Trump’s ‘election fraud’ hotline

The Trump campaign has set up a hotline to report any ‘fraudulent activity’ from the election, but is instead receiving an abundance of prank calls from social media users.

It’s been a rough week for Donald Trump. After losing the election to Joe Biden last Friday he has since insisted that he actually won based on ‘legal votes’ and has claimed his victory was ‘stolen from him’. His campaign team subsequently set up a hotline for anyone to come forward with information on electoral malpractice.

Instead, it seems that the hotline is being overwhelmed with prank calls from TikTok users, famous comedians, and ‘lefty teenagers’ as reporters on Twitter have described them. Some are sending explicit adult images while others are taunting phone line operators with Joe Biden’s win.

ABC reported that Trump’s campaign team has described it as a ‘nightmare’. One person apparently called in to report that an ‘obese turtle had rolled onto its back in the sun’, a reference to Anderson Cooper’s comments on the US president several days ago on CNN.

Why are people prank calling Trump’s team?

Obviously, the potential for social media content is a huge motivator, especially for TikTok users. Recording yourself trolling Trump’s campaign team will likely bring in a significant amount of likes and shares given the current political climate, which can then be translated to monetary gain and influencer clout.

Another reason is to prevent legitimate callers from getting through and making complaints, though how substantial any of these will be is questionable as no actual electoral board or governing body has found any evidence of fraud or malpractice.

Trump’s team has filed lawsuits in several states but experts believe they’ll likely be quickly dismissed in the coming weeks. This hotline is no doubt an attempt to gather some kind of evidence to bring forward a more convincing case for Trump, but it’s ultimately unlikely to do anything of any significance. Biden won the popular vote by over 4 million, and any recounts or changes will not be big enough to swing the election result.

How has Gen Z reacted to the election in general?

While you might assume that all of Gen Z are celebrating Biden’s election all over social media this week, it’s not necessarily the case for everyone.

In fact, quite a few teenagers and young voters were making TikToks over the weekend that showed them crying and folding up Trump signs in the wake of his defeat. Most of these people were respectful of the final decision, however – unlike the president himself – with captions such as ‘congratulations to all of Biden’s supports, I wish nothing but good health and love’.


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That’s not to say that young voters didn’t mostly sway toward Biden. Reports have already been released that estimate a higher voter turnout for Gen Z and Millennials helped push the overall result toward the Democrats, and most of the prank callers on Twitter and TikTok toward the Trump administration have been from young people.

Expect more of this type of content in the next few weeks. We’ve still got Trump in office until January and you can bet he’ll be kicking up a fuss until he’s forced out of the White House. There’ll be plenty more ridicule, loud rhetoric, and angry back-and-forth exchanges to come yet.

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