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The ‘Rainbow Grandpa’ saving a village with art

Haung Yung-fu has kept his home and village untouched by surrounding developers thanks to his intricate and colourful wall paintings. Nicknamed the ‘Rainbow Grandpa’, the 93-year-old is still creating artwork to this day.

You may have heard of the Rainbow Village before, a small area in Taiwan that’s been completely redecorated over the years by Haung Yung-fu. It’s a perfect hot spot for Instagram selfies and tourists, attracting over a million unique visitors a year, but the village is much more than just an art attraction.

Almost ten years ago, Huang received a letter stating that his home, a settlement in the Nantun district of Taichung City, was to be demolished. He was offered compensation money or could move to a new area. Deciding he didn’t want to lose his village, Haung got to work painting and decorating the mostly abandoned homes.

‘I didn’t want to move,’ he explained to the South China Morning Post in 2015. ‘This is the only real home I’ve ever known in Taiwan.’

Only 11 houses remained in the village before Haung got to work, but now the area brings in a healthy flow of tourism and is considered a cultural heritage site. Haung’s also been promised that the houses, now known as Rainbow Village, will not be torn down.

‘I was so happy and thankful,’ he said.

Check out the village below. Would you take a trip to see these paintings? Let us know in the comments.