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The Magic Circle appoints first environmental female president

At only 28, Megan Swann is the first female president of The Magic Circle since its creation 116 years ago. She specialises in magic that educates others on climate change.

The magic industry has just undergone a shift in leadership, at least in the UK.

The Magic Circle, a prestigious British organisation that promotes and advances the practice of magic, has appointed its first female president since it began in 1905, Megan Swann. She is also the youngest president ever, taking up the position at only 28-years-old.

Until 1991, The Magician’s Circle maintained a rule that women were not allowed to join in any way, shape or form. The appointment of a new female leader is evidence to suggest that many people’s perceptions of magicians are somewhat outdated and that the industry is evolving.

Speaking to Radio 1 Newsbeat, Megan agreed. ‘Many [think] of the male magician in a top hat and tails, pulling out rabbits,’ though this perception of modern magic is largely incorrect. She added that renewed interest in the art can be found with Gen Zers, saying she’d ‘noticed a real growth in [the amount of] younger members.’

Swann is an environmentalist magician who uses her skills to teach others about the effects and impact of climate change. Certainly sounds up our street, that’s for sure.

‘I teach people about environmental issues and how we can help through magic tricks,’ Swann explained to the BBC. Check out her video below where she uses string to explain species extinction.

What’s next for Swann? Her first major area of concern as president is to help restore magic to ‘some kind of normality’ after several tough years as a result of the pandemic.

Many magicians have been unable to work for 18 months, obviously due to a lack of gatherings, parties, and events to feature at. Swann hopes to get back out onto the magic circuit with her new position serving as a boost for the industry.

‘It’s such an amazing honour, I can’t quite believe that I’m the person that has a magic circle. To have made history in the process, it’s just even better.’

It’s good news for the magic industry as well as environmentalists, and hopefully we’ll continue to see more young people take up the arts. Just don’t try and pull a rabbit out of a hat, that one’s been thoroughly overdone.


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