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Political community ‘Coup de Cake’ returns to promote mental wellness

Coup de Cake are returning with ‘Cake Confessionals’ to spread awareness on understanding peace of mind – one iced bake at a time.

Coup de Cake – a political community forged in icing – are teaming up with artist agency hen house to bring their ‘Cake Confessionals’ icing workshop to East London.

Using vegan cakes provided by the community, attendees will gather to decorate the bakes. The theme for this weekend’s upcoming event is ‘Cake Confessionals’.

Armed with a piping bag, anyone is welcome to come and exhibit their deepest darkest secrets or embarrassing moments on top of a freshly baked cake.

The idea behind the workshop is to utilise the therapeutic medium of cake in a community setting, to create a positive environment that promotes open conversations and, in turn, change.


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Coup de cake’s goal in running these workshops is to spread awareness for social issues. Each workshop explores themes surrounding mental health, feminism, and politics.

By creating a safe space for conversation and using cake icing as a form of expression, coup de cake hopes to become a pioneering force in turning hard-hitting issues into ‘digestible’ conversation.


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The London initiative started this summer when art student Honor Freeman invited women to ‘ice what you want to say to men’ on top of cakes she’d baked.

The workshop saw women icing messages like, ‘stop staring at my tits’ and ‘call out your mates’ on top of their cakes. By the end of the workshop clear themes around consent, sexual harassment and accountability had been expressed across the cakes, which were then used to create a cake quilt by Honor.

Honor credits the Amish tradition of quilt-making for her inspiration, a practice which fosters collectively in female communities.


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She says, “Coup de cake provides a safe space to restore individual voices whilst coming together to form a collective message.” She hopes that by creating a physical embodiment of your message, it gives back a sense of autonomy to those writing them.

Honor wants to “give women a voice through the medium of cake and icing” and hopes there will be many more themed workshops for Coup De Cake in the future.

‘Cake Confessionals’ has been made possible by artist agency Hen House London and will be photographed by Greta Ilieva to form a collective exhibition shown at ‘Have a butchers’ art gallery in East London.

Watch this space for more yummy and empowering initiatives from the Coup De Cake community!

Tickets are still available for Saturday 27th November and Sunday 28th here.