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Thred’s ultimate guide to conscious gift giving this Christmas

To navigate the winter period of overconsumption, here are a few gift ideas that will be sure to please your loved ones whilst being kinder to the planet.

Nowadays, December is filled with flash-sale emails and expansive wish lists.

So much time and money is spent on annual Christmas adverts and glitzy marketing campaigns that it’s hard to know where to look. 9 times out of 10, the rush of winter leads to last-minute panic buying, largely at the environments expense.

But cheap and efficient doesn’t have to mean sacrificing sustainability. We’ve compiled a short list of thoughtful, high-quality gifts for every kind of recipient, each with sustainable and conscious production at their core.

Noto Skincare

Skincare ­­– and more broadly, selfcare – has seen a boom in sales since the pandemic started.

As the days get shorter and cold weather sets in, many of us will swap nights at the pub for nights in front of the sink, where facial massages and cucumber eye masks offer the ultimate evening indulgence.

To ensure you’re being gentle to your skin whilst using ingredients that don’t cost the earth, brands like Noto are an excellent choice. Their products include facial oils, masks, and moisturisers in sleek, recyclable packaging. Each item is handmade in small batches and designed to be gender fluid – so nobody is left out. Prices start at £15.


La Soufflerie Homewear

We all have a friend who fantasises about top-tier tableware, and if you don’t, you’re probably that friend.

La Soufflerie is a French brand boasting some of the most beautiful glass pieces on the market. Each is hand blown using recycled glass and can be used as a vase, drinking glass, and even a candle holder.

Their intricate face detailing and earthy colours are sure to impress even the most interior-proud of your loved ones, whilst promising a planet-conscious gift that lasts a lifetime (provided you aren’t too clumsy).

Available at  and

Wick Candles

Nothing says ‘winter’s here’ than a good candle. The cream of the crop sport chic packaging and an indulgent scent, bold enough to fill your entire home.

‘Wick’ is a relatively young brand based in Brighton, started by partners Naomi and Johnny during the home-bound days of lockdown. Wick now offers a vast range of scents including Spiced Orange and Salted Caramel. Every jesmonite vessel is hand poured with 100% natural soy wax, that burns far fewer chemicals than its paraffin partner.

Parcels are topped off with recyclable packaging and re-usable containers that’ll look stunning on your shelf. If you’d rather try making your own, check out the video below!

Availa Diana Gift Cards

The humble greeting card is often forgotten during the festive season, but whether accidentally thrown away with a spool of wrapping paper, pinned to the fridge until next December, or propped in pride of place on the mantlepiece, it’s always there.

Despite their omnipotence, you’d be hard pressed to find a selection of gift cards that reflect all consumers.

Avila Diana is a Black owned business working to diversify the greeting card industry, creating cards and accessories like mugs, posters, and notebooks that feature colourful illustrations of BAME figures.

The perfect way to support an independent Black business whilst mixing up your usual gift-wrapping rota.

A Box of Stories

If, like me, you’re a book worm, you probably base your next read on the Sunday Times Bestseller’s list or an Oprah’s Book Club review.

But of the numerous novels that fill shop shelves each year, there are millions that never make the cut. Despite being published, many books are left to waste while the Salley Rooney’s and Kazuo Ishiguro’s of our time take centre stage.

A Box of Stories is a book subscription service looking to change that. Each month, a box of random books – selected based on thousands of reader reviews – is sent to your door in recycled cardboard packaging. You can choose whether they’re fiction, non-fiction, or a mixture of both, as well as selecting books based on themes to match your mood.

A great way to discover new reads whilst saving books from a life of neglect.


For the bigger splurges this festive season, high quality, eco-conscious clothing usually takes first place.

Baserange is a sustainable fashion brand producing hand-made basics, from t-shirts, to pants and socks. Relaxed fits and adjustable ties make each piece a safe bet for even the fussiest of dressers, while their loungewear is the perfect boxing day uniform, keeping you comfy and warm whilst appearing to have made an effort.

Although a simple pair of sweatpants will set you back around £100, Baserange products are sure to last you a lifetime, and don’t rely on questionable production methods to cut costs.

Booja Booja Chocolate

It wouldn’t be a holiday without chocolate, and at this time of year, we tend to indulge in the best we can find. Despite being Vegan, soy, and gluten free, Norfolk-based brand Booja Booja doesn’t disappoint.

As someone who’s eaten a lot of Vegan chocolate over the years, I can safely say Booja Booja is some of the best, particularly their Hazelnut Crunch and Marc de Champagne truffles, which they’ve been making since 1999.

For the perfect wintery gift, their ‘velvet feel’ gift boxes provide that festive sense of extravagance you can plonk down with in front of the telly. The best part, of course, is that Booja Booja work with ethical chocolate suppliers, organic produce, and gifted artisans in India, maintaining a transparent production line all the way from the cocoa bean to your cocoa covered mouth.

For more tips on shopping sustainably, checkout Good On You, and the Good On You app, which updates ethical ratings for all your favourite brands. Making it easier than ever to help the planet whilst checking off your festive wish list.


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