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New Spotify report says streaming improves Gen Z wellbeing

87% of millennials and 77% of Gen Z say they use audio to reduce stress levels and four in five say they view streaming as a ‘mental health resource’.

Ever had a bad day and turned to your favourite album or podcast as a coping mechanism? Do you obsess over one particular album to get you through periods of anxiety or boredom?

If you too listen to Tickets To My Downfall as a convenient source of serotonin then you’re not alone. According to a new study conducted by Spotify India, young people regard streaming as a tool to improve their mental health and sooth them during periods of stress.

79% of Gen Z say that audio and music is ‘healing’ and many of us are using streaming to reconnect culturally with others across the globe.

Spotify’s report focused particularly on how digital audio is helping us to return to a feeling of normalcy after a turbulent few years. Over 9000 Gen Z and millennial respondents were pooled from 18 markets, including the US, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, and the UK.

70% of participants believe that streaming as a whole has helped shape their understanding of broader culture, while 55% said they’d become part of wider global communities because of music and podcasts.

Platforms such as Spotify have clearly had an impact on keeping us together – which has been desperately needed in a time when we’ve all been forced apart.

It’s always to healthy to take reports like this with a pinch of salt, particularly when they’re produced and published by first party companies like Spotify. You’ll seldom find an official Spotify survey that criticises streaming, obviously.

The company has been active in the mental health conversation over the last few years, however, suggesting that it understands and considers the health benefits of its platform for users and employers.

For example, in 2020, Spotify outlined a variety of inhouse programmes and workshops it had undertaken with staff to help better understand and take care of their wellbeing. It also saw playlists designed to alleviate anxiety and improve mental health double in streaming numbers over lockdown periods last year.

So, it’s safe to expect more content focused on international appeal and global unity from streaming platforms moving forward, especially as we trudge toward the latter half of the year. Christmas will no doubt be a big time for marketers and companies as things start to get back to normal in certain regions – Spotify included.

The more corners of the world blasting out Machine Gun Kelly and Post Malone bangers the better, frankly, as long as we’re all keeping tabs on our mentals.


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