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New poster campaign launched to fight anti-Asian hate crime

The Asian American Federation has released a series of posters created by various illustrators to raise money for ‘Hope Against Hate’ and to spread awareness of racial stereotyping.

A new poster campaign by the Asian American Federation hopes to highlight racial discrimination and raise money for the ‘Hope Against Hate’ charity in New York City.

The organisation has released ten unique posters created by artists of varying ages. Each one paints a distinct portrait of a city or borough, including New York City, Seattle, and San Diego, and are available to purchase on the official campaign website.

The common question ‘where are you really from?’ was the focus of this project. The Asian American Federation says it wants to ‘flip the script’ on stereotyping and racial prejudice, and to emphasise personal stories from the AAPI community that celebrate diverse experiences.

Credit: AAF

While each one is unique in terms of aesthetic, all share similar minimal flat-style qualities, with paster, watercolour tones and an emphasis on architectural design.

All proceeds will be going to ‘Hope Against Hate’, which offers support and programs for Asian communities in New York City.

Credit: AAF

Targeted racial attacks have risen since the beginning of the pandemic. Over 1,100 assaults on Asian New Yorkers were recorded between February 2020 and February 2021. According to the ‘Hope Against Hate’ website, 70% of Asian families in the city have decided not to send their children back to school as a result.

‘Hope Against Hate’ will be offering safety ambassador programs, assistance funds for assault-related expenses, and safety training in multiple languages. You can learn more by viewing the full ‘Hope Against Hate’ informational PDF here.

Credit: AAF

If you fancy yourself one of these poster designs, you can only pick them up via the official donation page. Check it out here.


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