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Musk backs dating project to bring Tesla owners together

Tesla owners looking for love may not be riding solo for much longer

Tesla-philes rejoice, equally self-righteous singles are waiting in the wings for your courtship. You can’t spell love with EV, after all.

Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk has reportedly given the green light to Tesla senior Ajitpal Grewal to begin work on Tesla Dating, a new smartphone app that will bring singles together through their mutual adoration of the electric powered vehicles.

Grewal was said to have suggested the concept as a joke initially, having noted just how much Tesla owners love talking about their cars, but she should’ve known… if anyone is likely to commission an expensive tech project on a whim, Musk is that man.

Autopilot backseat hook-ups are probably a ways off, what with Covid stalling the development of the app and realigning priorities at Telsa HQ (Palo Alto, California), but Grewal has created a website that allows antsy patrons to sign up for early access in the meantime.

If you hadn’t gathered already, owning a Tesla yourself will be the main prerequisite of making it onto Telsa Dating’s roster of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes – and the quality of model and specific specs will supposedly lead to a more compatible match once you start swiping. Did you really think Model S owners would be able to try their luck with the more upscale Model S or X holders? How embarrassing.

Whether or not this app will fade into obscurity in the current economic landscape remains to be seen. Tactile meetings between strangers probably isn’t best advised at the moment, but make no mistake, there is definitely a market for this kind of thing. SpaceX isn’t going to get anyone laid.

Don’t expect Musk to give up on his loyal fans without a fight.