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Megan Thee Stallion files lawsuit to get out of record label deal

After claiming that 1501 Certified Entertainment has been preventing the release of any new music, Megan Thee Stallion has filed a lawsuit against the record label and has already been granted a temporary restraining order by a federal judge.

Originally taking to Instagram Live to voice her frustrations with 1501 Certified Entertainment, Megan Thee Stallion has now officially filed a lawsuit against the record label, stating that her request to renegotiate her contract has barred her from releasing any new music.

The Houston Rapper, who rose to fame last year with platinum-selling single Hot Girl Summer, claims that she’s been frozen out since becoming aware of several issues with her contract and asking to rectify them, referring to the situation as ‘a greedy game.’

‘I didn’t really know what was in my contract,’ she said. ‘I was young. I was, like, 20. It’s not that I literally didn’t read it. It’s that I didn’t understand some of the verbiage at the time. Now that I do, I just wanted it corrected.’ Stallion also explained that these complications only came to light as a result of her management transfer over to Jay Z’s Roc Nation. ‘When I got with them, they made me aware of the problem and that’s when I decided to take this extraordinary step.’

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The lawsuit itself will target both the record label and its CEO Carl Crawford (former Major League Baseball player) for at least $1 million in damages. Outlining the allegedly suspicious details of her contract, Stallion has revealed that 1501 legally receives 60% of her income and the remaining 40% she takes must be divided between royalties and paying mixers, engineers, or featured artists on her tracks.

Additionally – and perhaps the most shocking disclosure of all – is that any money she makes from live appearances or touring is paid directly into the pocket of her record label. And, although 1501 is supposed to give her an accurate financial breakdown of her profit, all of the information they have provided her with to date have been ‘incomplete or purposefully and deceptively vague.’

With #FREEMEG and #FREETHESTALLION currently trending on Twitter, it’s pretty safe to say that her case has not gone unnoticed, unsurprising really when you consider the amount of industry professionals that have been in hot water lately for similar things.

There was of course Taylor Swift’s very public fall-out with Scooter Braun surrounding the copyright acquisition of her music, and Joss Stone had to actually buy herself out of her contract back in 2007. These are just a couple of examples of the manipulation and foul play that’s been going on far too long by men within a historically problematic industry and it’s refreshing that it finally all seems to be coming to a head.

Megan Thee Stallion has been granted a temporary restraining order against 1501 by a district judge in Harris County, Texas, which will let her drop new material from her forthcoming project SUGA as planned. ‘We are very happy the Court granted out TRO and thrilled that the world should be able to now hear Megan’s new music on March 6,’ said attorney Richard Busch. ‘We will now proceed with the other claims set forth in the lawsuit.’

We’ll have to wait another week to see whether or not her contract is declared void but until then, I’m sure her fans will continue to rally in solidarity all over social media.