Gen Z company HiP launches new vegan chocolate

Founded by Gen Zer James Cadbury, HiP is a new vegan confectionary company that says it aims to ‘reinvent chocolate’ by replacing dairy ingredients with plant-based oat milk.

Anyone who’s ever dabbled in veganism knows it can be a tricky transition, particularly when trying to find alternatives to your favourite treats and comfort snacks.

We are steadily seeing a rise in vegan options, however, whether it be increasingly convincing plant-based burgers or 3D printed steaks developed in European labs. Mainstream consumers are slowly ditching meat diets, opening the doors for businesses to try out new foods and tap into a potentially lucrative market.

HiP, Happiness in Plants, is one such start-up company. Founded by James Cadbury, the great-great-great grandson of the famous chocolate inventor himself, HiP launched in February of this year and offers four different types of vegan bars as well as a salted caramel Easter egg. Not too shabby.

Flavoured bars include ‘creamy original’, ‘salted caramel’, ‘cookies no cream’, and ‘salty pretzel’. Each one is made using gluten-free oat milk as well as Colombian cacao, and HiP says it aims to ‘disrupt the chocolate market’ by offering a vegan substitute that mimics the texture and density of traditional dairy choices.

Interestingly, James says he was able to build his company website using a Shopify template and hiring a freelancer, cutting his costs by almost twenty times.

It also took a single day to develop rather than three months, which means HiP has plenty more time to focus on its product and marketing campaign.

Let it be evidence to suggest that anyone can get started on their ideas and company ambitions regardless of budget; you may just have to get a little creative about your resource allocation and time management.

Who knows, perhaps HiP will be the next big chocolate brand to take down the heavyweights. Could we be seeing new, vegan versions of KitKats, Wispas, and everything in between? The sky is the limit – and veganism is only set to continue its rise in popularity.

Each chocolate bar costs £2.99 and you can visit the official website here. Just save some for us when we get round to ordering for our office, eh?


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