Gen Z art platform ‘Untitled’ launches new website

Powered by parent company TLNT, ‘Untitled’ gives young creatives a place to connect with industry experts and pick up new skills – and it’s just launched a brand-new site.

If you’re a young creative or artist hoping to find connections and make a splash, you may way to check out the ‘Untitled’ platform, which gives Gen Zers the resources they need to start building up a portfolio and make themselves known in a highly competitive industry.

Untitled is a space that lets anyone between the ages of 11 – 18 learn new skills via video tutorials, blog posts, and insider tips and tricks. It has just launched a new website and is ready to help aid youngsters into the creative career paths of their dreams.

Once your skills are up to scratch, you can enter your own, original artwork into various competitions and ‘briefs’, organised by big names such as Universal Music and Mojo Nation.

Prizes for the top entries and chosen pieces are nothing to be scoffed at, either.

The six finalists for Universal Music’s current ‘design a t-shirt or vinyl cover’ brief will receive a shout-out at the company’s UK’s Invite and Inspire February event, as well as one piece of merchandise. The winner will have their work framed and hung at Universal Music UK’s office, with a tablet and two pieces of merchandise sent their way. Not too shabby.

All you need to do is sign up to the Untitled website, create a profile, and begin entering your work. If you’re older than 18 but still want to get in on the action, you can check out Talenthouse, a very similar initiative that’s targeted at older creatives.

Briefs from Amazon, Coca Cola, and many other brands are currently available on Talenthouse – so you better crack those pens and graphic tablets out and get going!

Both Untitled and Talenthouse are basically public platform that help get your work shown and seen by influential people – with ongoing projects and new briefs being submitted on a regular basis.

Untitled’s parent company, TLNT, offers services in other areas outside of just Gen Z arts, too. We recently spoke to Alex Semenzato, TLNT’s Director of Global Strategic Partnerships, about the company’s work with Snapchat and its ventures into VR.

TLNT’s many options for Gen Zers of all ages – whether that be Untitled or Talenthouse –  are designed for anyone, regardless of qualifications or career status. They’re the perfect places to get the ball rolling and there are heaps of useful tidbits and tricks to pick up just surfing through each website.

Ready to get involved? Sign up for Untitled here, or you can follow the official Instagram page here for regular artsy updates.



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