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Gatekeeper drops new issue on ‘indispensable’ art jobs

The Gen Z magazine has launched its second issue highlighting the many types of jobs and creative roles that exist within the arts, and how vital they are for the industry.

Consider yourself an arts connoisseur? A fan of all things creative?

You may want to check out a new magazine called Gatekeeper, founded by two Gen Z arts students last year, that highlights a variety of artists and movements within the community.

It has just launched its second issue, available for purchase on its official website, which looks at the various roles and jobs of creatives within the art industry.

What is Gatekeeper’s second issue all about?

Last year we spoke to the co-founders of Gatekeeper magazine, Lucy and Natascha Ng, who explained they wanted to create a publication examining the relationship between the arts industry and capitalism.

Issue one explored ‘transactions’, with a specific focus on the monetary realities of creating art to make a living.

This time around, Gatekeeper is looking specifically at the various jobs and creative roles that go on behind the scenes, and how intrinsic they are to our everyday consumption of art.

The word to describe this theme – and the title of the second issue – is ‘indispensable’. That term seems appropriate given the uncertainty the pandemic has brought and the precarious position the industry finds itself in.

Editor notes for this issue draw attention to the ‘necessity’ for art in ‘everyone’s livelihoods’. Natascha Ng also says that ‘one thing we’ve tried to do is understand how each role needs to change and develop in order to create an inclusive art market’.

Think of this issue as an examination of various institutions and individuals that keep the art world afloat. Issue two shines a light on those that keep things ticking along and generate opportunities for new creators and projects to shine.

How does the magazine explore the theme of ‘indispensable’?

Gatekeeper looks at a variety of people and organisations in this issue, including charities, graphic designers, curators, collectors, and more, asking them what they deem as indispensable to the art world.

A variety of artists are interviewed throughout. First up is Kengwu Yerlikaya, a film student, former actor, and now a Mandarin teacher studying at BPP University, who believes a creator themselves should be the definite answer to the indispensable question.

Elsewhere, designer Jonathan Barnbrook discusses the important of art within communication and social activism, and offers advice on how to avoid becoming overly commercial within your practice.

We won’t spoil the entire issue here, but there are plenty more topics and issues that are looked at extensively throughout.

If we’ve tickled your fancy, you can check out Gatekeeper’s website here and order yourself a copy of the latest magazine here. You can also a free poster to celebrate the launch – all you’ll need to do is pay for postage. We’ll see you for issue three!