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Death Stranding and Control dominate BAFTA Game nominations

The nominees for the BAFTA Game awards are just in, and Death Stranding and Control feature in 11 categories each.

It’s almost the time of the year where game developers the world over receive the plaudits they deserve from the mainstream media for continually raising the bar for gaming creatively and technically year on year.

The 2020 Game BAFTAs, due to take place on April 2nd at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, has just revealed its list of nominees for the 20+ categories and two titles in particular are dominating the entrants. Both Hideo Kojima’s genre bending adventure Death Stranding and Remedy’s sci-fi thriller Control have each received a record 11 nominations – the highest ever tally in the history of the event.

Beyond these two futuristic escapades, 2020 is looking a seriously strong year for new IPs and franchises in general. Other heavily nominated titles include the eccentric and dark RPG Disco Elysium, Foam Sword’s wistful Goonies-inspired romp Knights and Bikes, and last year’s frankly bizarre cult hit Untitled Goose Game, which is essentially an endless third-person rampage as a goose around the gardens of a once tranquil suburbia.

The only category with a direct sequel vying for top prize is ‘Best Game’, with Luigi’s Mansion 3. However, it’s in with little more than an outside chance up against the likes of Control, Seikro: Shadows Die Twice, and Mobius Digital’s critically adored astral playground Outer Wilds.

The Game BAFTAs typically throw up a surprise win or two though, so don’t be shocked if these impressive titles lose out to a disgruntled bird with a colossal chip on its wing.

It’s worth noting this year that the ceremony is introducing four brand new categories: ‘animation’, ‘technical achievement’, and more notably ‘leading performer’ and ‘supporting performer’ –  to reflect an era of gaming more focused on motion-capture and realism than ever before.

Here’s the full list of nominees for those who want to get early predictions in.

Finally, many of you will be pleased to hear that gaming auteur Hideo Kojima is due to receive the highest accolade the institution can give, the BAFTA Fellowship, to reward his continued contribution across many different arms of game development. This will put him up there with other esteemed creators Shigeru Miyamoto, John Carmack, and Will Wright, cementing his legacy as one of industry’s top creatives of all time.

With all of the exciting new developments unfolding within the industry today, you just know that bloody bird is going to come along and make a mockery of everything. Don’t do it BAFTA.