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Brazilian gamers can now get a Covid-19 vaccine in GTA

In an effort to encourage young people to get vaccinated, Ogilvy Brazil has created a vaccine inside GTA V that gives players an extra health bar. They just need to prove they’ve had the shot in real life to get the in-game rewards.

In true Metaverse, Decentraland fashion, gamers in Brazil can now get a vaccination shot for their character inside Grand Theft Auto V.

Players who opt into the scheme are rewarded with an additional shield bar that grants extra health, though you’ll also need to show proof of a real vaccination to claim your prize. It is available through Cidade Alta, the largest and most watched role playing server in Latin America.

For those unaware, role playing servers in GTA V are designed to be more like ‘simulations’ of real life, and focus far less on the standard crime and chaos that the franchise is known for. The severity and strictness of rules vary from server to server, but most ask that you don’t go on a law-breaking killing spree or resort to random violence.

This vaccine-focused mission is available to Brazilians only, at least for now, and is a collaboration with marketing company Ogilvy.

‘With more and more people taking the vaccines, we noticed that young millennials and Gen Z’s were not as eager to take the shot, especially the second dose,’ says Félix Del Valle, chief creative officer at Ogilvy Brazil.

Players are encouraged to share their moments and experiences via the hashtag #InGameVaccine, and will receive a special blue bandage as proof of their efforts.

While it may seem a little odd to have an in-game event like this, it makes sense given the apparent reluctance from younger people to get themselves vaccinated. Introducing novel concepts into popular media – especially gaming – will no doubt help to normalise jabs and educate a notoriously difficult-to-reach demographic.

In fact, we could well see in-game events of this nature crop up in Fortnite, PUBG, and other live service titles in countries other than Brazil. With booster shots now rolling out to the general public, some may need an additional push to put themselves under the needle for a third time.

No word on whether this will speed up the development cycle for GTA 6, mind. Some things will forever remain elusive.