‘Prospect 100’ is giving Gen Z fresh creative opportunities

This new initiative is hoping to give young talented creatives the opportunity to realise their potential, and anyone can get involved.

Unless you’re born into a well connected family with a ton of personal wealth, it can be hard to crack into creative industries as an outsider. Three young business entrepreneurs are hoping to lessen this gap between talented teenage hopeful and wildfire success story with a new initiative called Prospect 100.

Founded by fashion designer Alexandre Daillance, better known by his pseudonym Millinsky, and young entrepreneurs Harry Beard and Adam Flanagan, the project is being powered by their head company Future Labs, and all three are under the age of 25. Not bad, eh?

Prospect 100 is a newly emerging network of young creatives who are chosen through yearly events and competitions held online via the organisation’s website. It’s designed to allow people under the age of 21 to get the connections and resources they need to push their careers forward. Aspiring Gen Zers can enter one of four different types of competition, including design, engineering, music, and tech, which means there’s probably something here for anyone to have a go at – you don’t have to be a song writing whizz kid. The second competition based on tech has just started taking applications and judges include Steve Wozniak and former digital minister for the UK, Margot James, amongst others.

To get an idea of the type of work that’s submitted, you can view applications from the first music competition here. Entries were judged by a panel of impressive names, including Kimberly Davis from the band Chic, Simon Rix from the Kaiser Chiefs, and Rico Nasty, among many others. The winners were then placed into the Prospect 100 list and will now gain access to exclusive 3 or 6 month membership programmes with music managers.

It’s a great opportunity in an industry that’s particularly difficult to get into, and could help to create the next big pop stars of tomorrow. It’s not guaranteed, of course, but Prospect 100 has every chance to help individuals excel at their craft. If you’re not the singing type, then you may want to get involved with the tech based ‘hackathon’ which has now begun or the design based competition that’ll be happening on the 24th August. Check out Prospect 100’s Instagram page here for more information.

When we recently spoke to Millinsky – the up and coming fashion designer who’s worked with the Rolling Stones and Beyoncé amongst many others – about his involvement with the project, he was eager to tell us about his frustration at the lack of encouragement for the creative arts in schools. ‘Nobody cares when you love music or design, or anything really. I value education a lot, but it’s a shame when teachers tell you that you’re wasting your time’. Millinksy wants to create a service that can work with educational systems to boost the confidence and potential of students.

‘We want to provide skills that you can’t find in schools, but we’re also partnering with them’. He also stressed that Future Labs will be joining forces with top schools including Oxford and NYU to offer  Prospect 100 candidates more links and networking opportunities. ‘The goal is to provide people with confidence, to ensure they don’t stop and take their passion seriously’.

Co-founder Harry Beard shared a similar enthusiasm for turning dreams into reality. ‘We want to encourage people to turn their passions into something real’, he explained. ‘We really believe that partaking in these competitions helps to further develop one’s personal skills and demonstrates passion and ambition’.

This is Prospect 100’s first year of operation, which means we’ll likely hear more about the project in mainstream news over the coming years – it’s already had impressive responses considering it’s in its infancy.

Despite having no marketing budget, Prospect 100’s team took a widespread approach, asking anybody they knew to hop on board. As Millinksy told us, ‘it’s important to understand that behind anything is a huge amount of work. The more you fail, the more likely you are to get a small chance at success.’

It’ll be interesting to see how Prospect 100 helps up-and-coming musicians, designers, and creatives over the next few years. Hopefully, we’ll see more of these practices popping up and giving talent the room to grow in traditionally stubborn industries and you may even want to look yourself to see if there’s an event that fits your own skills.

If you’re looking to get involved yourself or need more information, check out the official Prospect 100 website here.

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