The Regenerative List initiative gives Gen Z a chance to shine

The Regenerative List is assembling a team of one hundred forward-thinking young people, offering them support and mentorship as they strive to make positive change.

As social inequalities continue to cause worldwide devastation and the consequences of climate change grow more and more critical every day, it’s become increasingly clear that Generation Z can no longer trust those in power to make a real difference.

Co-founded by poet, artist, and activist Wilson Oryema, The Regenerative List is a new initiative acknowledging that the future of the planet lies in the hands of young people. Their voices, often suppressed by older, more prominent figures, will no longer go unheard, as they mobilise to demand accountability and challenge the policy-making that so markedly affects them.

Giving them an opportunity to do just this, The Regenerative List is calling for anyone passionate about activism between the ages of 14 and 29 to celebrate their excellence and offer them practical help.

One hundred of those with progressive, original ideas that have the potential to create a better tomorrow will be featured and profiled on the initiative’s website. Out of these carefully selected philanthropic manifestos, 75 will take part in a scheme run by Gucci that wants to channel young opinions on how to live more sustainably. And 25 bright, pioneering talents will be given a mentor for guidance on how to openly express their desires for change and command attention. The platform also aims to ask five special winners to participate in a collaborative UN-supported programme where they will be able to speak with global leaders about working towards a regenerative future.

No matter the field they work in, Oryema wants to unite promising Gen Zers from around the globe who are hell-bent on making a positive impact and allow them to receive the recognition they rightfully deserve.

‘With the many issues which are coming to a head at this very pivotal moment in history, we need more dedicated solutions now than ever,’ he says. ‘Regenerative Futures, and The Regenerative List is focused on steering positive change for all. We aim to support as many individuals and groups as possible, in all sectors, geared towards building a better world.’

Part of a four-year-long project in the making, The Regenerative List’s official launch has been designed to promote ‘intergenerational conversation and collaboration, moving us closer to an equitable and sustainable future,’ according to their website. ‘Anyone doing something to sustain our collective well-being, with equity, empathy, and enthusiasm should get involved.’

So, if you’re well versed in activism, The Regenerative List wants to know so that it can assist you in achieving everything you’re capable of. Click here for more details on how to apply if you’re interested in putting yourself forward.

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