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Our guide to Earth Day online

It may be a tall order to celebrate and honour the beauty of the planet from our bedrooms, but it’s Earth Day and we’re going to do it. 

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a day us Earthlings usually spend showing support for environmental protection initiatives and demonstrating on behalf of Climate Change reform. However, just like our plans for summer 2020, the day’s events have been scuppered by the coronavirus pandemic and we’re being forced to improvise from our homes. 

Thankfully, Earth Day organisations are making things a whole lot easier on that front. The jamboree has simply been migrated online, and there are several creative festivities you can get involved in right now and over the next 72 hours. 

While the virus may force us to keep our distance, it will not keep our voices from being heard.

Earth Day Network

Starting with the official Earth Day website, people all across the globe can tune in for an all-day livestream. The organisers hope to draw millions to rally for action on climate change. There will be celebrity cameos, high-profile speakers, and home music sets. The likes of Stacey Abrams, Al Gore, Jane Fonda, and Joaquin Phoenix will spread their personal messages, while Soul Clap, Ziggy Marley, Jason Mraz and Angélique Kidjo provide the feel-good factor with their performances. 

In addition, there are daily challenges, petitions, and volunteer activities to get involved in. For every one of the day’s 24 hours, the Earth Day Twitter will release one action to maximise the impact we can make together. Keep hitting that refresh button.


NASA has been prepping for Earth Day for a little while now – a whole month in-fact – so keep your eyes on its site and social media channels as the day goes on. 

They will be hosting their own special broadcast featuring high-brow guests and environmental experts to explore topics like green technology and coral reef protection. A series of short science videos are also set appear in a dedicated playlist on its YouTube to raise awareness of some of the planet’s biggest environmental issues and disciplines. 

Beyond this, NASA is hosting a live Q&A session direct from the International Space Station on its Tumblr, and amazingly is handing the reigns to returning astronaut Jessica Meir to take over its Instagram account for the day. Once in a lifetime opportunity this, go and get your questions in. 

US National Park Service 

While you’re probably better off staying away from parks and public areas with heavy foot traffic right now (you’re bored of hearing it, we know), parks all across the US will be putting on virtual tours on Facebook and Instagram. 

Bryce Canyon National Park is capturing the gorgeous sunrise over the rocky horizon, San Antonio Missions Natural Historic Park is hosting an art workshop, and the San Diego Zoo is holding several different events to highlight the importance of species conservation and to encourage people to become ‘citizen scientists’. 

If you’re stuck at home feeling glum about not being able to do your bit on Earth Day, head online and join the digital resistance now. There’s so much to get involved in and so many unique
opportunities happening over the next few days. 

Earth Day has even put together a directory of online events around the globe, so you can see what efforts are happening minute to minute relative to your time zone.